A Hero's Cookbook

 The location to purchase cookbooks has moved to a website managed by Chef Rob. We were pleased to be the first department to be adopted by Chef Rob.  



Now you don’t have to be a firefighter to eat like a hero. 

This compilation of recipes by Chef Robert Scambia represents the various firefighters who either inspired or enjoyed the dishes he has prepared at fire stations throughout the state of Florida. This book embodies the brotherhood, camaraderie and the strong bonds formed from sharing a meal with family and friends that he has witnessed and been part of in his endeavor. These recipes, that have become the highlight of firehouse dinners, are now available for everyone to enjoy with his new cookbook. His simple, savory meals and exquisitely delightful desserts are easy to prepare and fun for everyone to gather around and prepare together while spending quality time with one another in the kitchen.

Chef Robert Scambia is a former New Yorker who relocated to Boca Raton, Florida, two months prior to the attacks on 9/11. Following the devastating tragedy in which he lost a friend in the fire service, Chef Rob wanted to give back to his local firefighters. He began with a nearby firehouse that helped him and his family following a fire at a neighboring apartment that heavily damaged his property. Since then, his goal has been to cook at each fire station in the state of Florida for each 24-hour shift – A, B and C shift. 

Chef Rob has completed meals for the all stations in Lake County and Palm Beach County as well as Leesburg, Boca Raton, Mascotte, Mineola, Ocoee, Calloway, Clermont and Reedy Creek fire departments. Currently, he is making his way through the 41 fire stations of Orange County Fire Rescue in Orange County, Florida.

All proceeds will be donated to the Orange County Firefighters Benevolent Fund – a non-profit that provides financial assistance to firefighters struggling through adverse conditions.

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A Hero's Cookbook

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